A smile makeover is exactly what you might imagine – the quintessential mouth makeover! Dr. Naveen Gupta and Dr. Parul Gupta will evaluate your smile from both an aesthetic and functional viewpoint, in order to provide you with a combination of treatments to improve and enhance your entire smile. Smile Makeovers are generally cosmetic “tune-ups” designed to improve your smile simply and quickly, without deep invasive dental work.

Porcelain veneers and gum reshaping can be used to turn a less-than-perfect smile into a rejuvenated, bright new grin. Because each patient is different, Dr. Naveen Gupta assesses several factors which impact the outcome of your smile, including:

Tooth Color
The color of teeth corresponds with the age of the patient – the younger, the whiter. Dr. Naveen Gupta suggests smile makeover patients go two to three shades whiter, but beyond that range, the color may look artificial. Translucency is key – a tooth with no translucency does not look real or natural. Also, skin tone and hair color can influence the shade of the veneers.

Longer teeth
Longer teeth are synonymous with youth. Older teeth are shorter because of years of wear and tear. For a more youthful appearance, Dr. Naveen Gupta typically lengthens the front central teeth.

Crooked Teeth
Without orthodontics, Dr. Naveen Gupta can correct crooked teeth by filling in spaces with veneers – giving the appearance of straight, perfectly-aligned teeth.

Veneers can cover stained, discolored teeth or be applied to whiten and brighten the entire smile. The veneers can be made to match existing teeth.

Worn Teeth
By bonding a veneer to the original tooth, Dr. Naveen Gupta can add length to short, worn teeth making them look younger and stronger.

Face Shape The shape of your face affects the shape of your teeth. For example, if a person has a round face, Dr. Naveen Gupta creates long, square shaped teeth that will ultimately have a slimming effect on the smile makeover patient’s face.

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