Do you want sparkling diamond smile? Do you want gem of smile? Do you want shinning  attractive smile? Then you must go for Dental jewellery

New innovation in ‘cosmetic dentistry “ Tooth jewellery
Tooth  jewellery is one of the latest achievements in cosmetic dentistry. The fashion for ornaments stuck on tooth enamel   is enormously growing in popularity. The reason is that dental jewellery attracts attention and is affordable at the same time. Tooth jewellery is an excellent alternative to other methods of body ornamentation as is completely safe and removable.
Today we have stones which are bonded over the teeth  enamel and yes, they do glitter. They are available in various sizes  and varying colors (red , blue, green, diamond,sarvoski).
Our dental practice offers tooth crystals manufactured by a world-famous company
A) Swarovski.
B)  Skyce : a range of crystal glass tooth   jewellery.

*Skyce® from Ivoclar Vivadent are jewels, which are specially designed for teeth. Skyce® comes in two different sizes in the colour ”crystal”. The stones are bonded to the labial surfaces of natural upper anterior teeth without invasive preparation

Single Appointment: First, your dentist performs a professional dental cleaning by removing residue from the teeth surface and applies a protective gel to your gums. The gel is hardened with the help of a UV lamp for a moment. Next, a whitening product is placed on your teeth and activated with light for 15 minutes. To achieve best results, it is recommended to repeat the procedure 3 times. Sparkling white teeth in an hour? It sounds reliable now.
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* Is it possible to remove a dental jewel?
* How long does the dental jewel last?
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