what does the placement of dental jewellery involve?
The placement is utterly non-invasive as crystals are attached to tooth enamel without drilling, only with the help of dental adhesive substances.
Is it possible to remove a dental jewel?
A dental jewel can be removed without consequences at any time by your dentist and the enamel remains untouched.
How long does the dental jewel last?
Dental ornaments last even up to a year. There are no restrictions as to eating, chewing or maintaining oral hygiene while wearing dental jewellery.
What are the indications for veneers?
The following factors are the indications for veneers:
    * difficult to remove tooth discolouration and stains
    * underdevelopment of dentine and enamel
    * unaesthetic fillings of the front teeth
    * tooth edge cavity or chipped incisors
    * diastemas (gaps between two teeth) or small gaps
    * misshapen front teeth, which displeases a patient
Are there any contraindications for veneers?
Patients suffering from bruxism and occlusal abnormalities are not considered candidates for veneers. Inappropriate oral hygiene is also an argument against the procedure.
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